die Praxis meets Kinetic @Fundbureau Hamburg

die Praxis meets Kinetic

@Fundbureau Hamburg, 17.08.2019

To start connecting supporters from die Praxis we organized a first “little meeting” with a couple of friends who are residents by Kinetic Music (Köln), Eva Lakritz and Kiel Nagel.

We’re happy that the Fundbureau Hamburg, a place with a long history under the hamburger Sternbrücke, trusted in our project giving us the chance to make there the first connections between our supporters.


die Praxis

Emil couldn’t miss the first party from his co-founded DJ Kollektiv. He played us a wonderful melodic Set to open the night.

Eva Lakritz

Kinetic Köln

Eva followed Emil with a vibrant, melodic and energetic Set, changing the ambient and leaving the floor ready to get harder and darker music.


die Praxis

The first “Praxis night” was for the co-founder something special, so “The Dok” played there a risky Dark Techno Set full of live played notes and drums over his mix, completing his rhythmic and unpredictable style.

Kiel Nagel

Kinetic Köln

The californian upcomer played us a really energetic Techno set, giving a perfect End to the event as expected.