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Eva Lakritz - Elektro Kollektiv 106 Cast 106

Eva Lakrizt – Elektro Kollektiv 106 Podcast

Mobile Disco Mixtape26 by DottorK

DottorK – mobile disco Mixtape26

Kantinaso @ Kantine 30 Schwerin


Soundklatsche @Hemperium Ulm

KINEXIS - VOID Club - Poster

KINEXIS @ VOID Club Berlin

Die Praxis

What is Die Praxis?

As we started looking for locations for our parties, we noticed how difficult is to get a place when you’re “nobody” in the city where you’re living or where you would like to play, or maybe you are not know enough for any booking agency, and how expensive could be to book many DJs to organise something by your self, as probably you don’t want to asume the risk of making an “all-night-long” session.

Because of that, we wanted to start something like a “Party Label”, forming with the time a group of people around Germany disposed to share their love for electronic, but not being a “standard promoter”, who looks first (not always, of course) for rentability and than for the rest, basing our (co-)work on a collaborative base where all participants on a night shares investment and wins (if any).

We’re together for the music, not for the money.

There’s a moment as electronic musician, if DJ or live performer, where you already found and developed your own style, and easily you like to feel this moment, when your music is bringing up strange people to movement.

But sadly the reality is, that only a small part of the party organizers around you trust adding upcomers to their next events, or try to get your work for free. Here is where Die Praxis could maybe help you found a Win-Win situation.
If you already found a location (or you’re planing to take contact with them) and want to organise an electronic music night, but you don’t have enough support to do it…. Contact us, maybe your idea sounds attractive for some of our collaborators.

Die Praxis has collaborators, more than residents.

And with this idea born Die Praxis

Know Die Praxis

As already said, there are no “residents” between us, but we want to mention some of the people who trusted in our project as it was only a idea, and offered itself to work with us playing at some of our events and proposing us to play on some of their owns.

We will make here a little mention to the artists who supported us along our musical travel (if they want)